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Parent Forms

Program Forms – Keep Us “In the Loop”

The Forms on this page are for CDSS-Funded Programs (Stage 2, Stage 3 and CAPP) only. If you are a Stage 1 participant and need forms, please contact your Stage 1 Specialist, call the Stage 1 calling queue at 323.421.1038, or come to our Wateridge office and someone in the Stage 1 Department will assist you.

Parents, you know that the benefit of having help to pay for child care also involves a responsibility to provide Crystal Stairs with information we need to verify your need and eligibility for services.

Yes, it’s what we call paperwork. We send you forms in the mail, or you come by to pick them up at our office.

Now we have another option. You can get forms online through our website.

So, if you need to report important changes to us, or if we’re asking for information from you, getting the right form to do it will be quicker and easier for you and our staff.

If you need some extra help with what these forms are and why we need them, please contact your Family Services Specialist.

Help your Specialist be helpful to you. Keep them informed about all changes that affect your participation and need for the program. Remember, too, that if you have changes in any of the following items, they must be reported within five calendar days: family income, family size, marital status, need for child care… (e.g., working, in school/training, seeking work, etc.).

What you see on our new “Forms” page is just a first step. Right now, you can only print the forms and fill them out by hand. Our next step will allow you to fill them out on-line. So, give it a try and give us your feedback.

You want to let us know about a change in your:

Your Family Services Specialist has asked you to provide information or documentation about your:

  • Employment or Work Schedule click here (English) or (Spanish)
  • Cash-paid or self-employment duties click here (English) or (Spanish)
  • Home-based employment duties click here (English) or (Spanish)
  • In-HomeSupportive Services duties click here (English) or (Spanish)
  • Unpredictable Work Schedule click here (English) or (Spanish)
  • School/Training program click here (English) or (Spanish)
  • Progress in completing your school/training program click here (English) or (Spanish)
  • Vocational Goal click here (English) or (Spanish)
  • Plan to search for a job click here (English) or (Spanish)
  • Plan to seek permanent housing click here (English) or (Spanish)
  • Medical disability/incapacitation click here (English) or (Spanish)
  • Who can drop off/pick up your children from day care click here (English) or (Spanish)
  • Certification that your 11/12 year old child will not be attending an after school program (CD 9608 Form) click here (English) or (Spanish)

Here are some other forms we may need from you in order to complete or update your Parent File.

  • Parental Consent to Release Information click here (English ) or (Spanish )
  • Your assessment of your child’s health (Parent Report) click here (English) or (Spanish)
  • Other needs you or your child(ren) have (Needs Assessment) click here(English) or (Spanish)
  • Contacts if there’s an emergency (Emergency ID Form) click here (English) or (Spanish)
  • Your child’s school schedule (School and Track Verification) click here (English) or (Spanish)
  • Agency Fraud Policy click here (English) or (Spanish)
  • Parent Fee Policy click here (English) or (Spanish)
  • Program Services and Requirements Form for CAPP funding click here (English) or (Spanish)
  • Program Services and Requirements Form for C2AP/C3AP funding click here (English) or (Spanish)
  • Choosing Child Care Form click here (English) or (Spanish)
  • Student Agreement Form click here; (English) or (Spanish)

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