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Our Referral Process

Our Referral Process is Simple

Our Referral Specialist are here to help you find child care programs and resources that meet your needs. Be sure to Schedule uninterrupted time for a quality child care referral call. Our goal is to educate and assist you in navigating the child care system while providing you with the best care available that meets your child(ren) and family needs.

Need help paying for child care? Our specialists can also refer you to our Child Care Subsidies Program, where our Enrollment Unit is waiting to assist you.

Before you call, consider your child care needs…

  • Location – Near work, home or your child(ren)’s school?
  • Days and Hours of Care – Do you need:
    • Full or Part Time Care?
    • Weekdays, Weekends, Holidays?
    • Year round, Off-Track, Summer Only, 12-Month Care
    • Drop-in, Evening or Overnight Care?
    • Variable Schedules/Shifts?
  • Does your child have any special needs?

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